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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ever wonder about how a variety entertainer prices their work? Typically, there are six factors:
  • Night of week (holidays  and weekends are more)
  • Travel Time (of course)
  • Size of Audience (TV of 30 million pays more than fundraiser of 500 pays more than home party of 25)
  • Audio/Lighting/Stage Provided or We Provide (nothing more irritating than not being able to hear or see the entertainment)
  • Length of Performance (e.g., four hours of strolling mixing magic, or a 10 minute, hi-tech show, or normal 45 minute show)
  • Number of Performances (most of us discount if you sign up another party, or contract several performances)
Nothing shocking here - but good to know whether you're booking Ash K. or one of his colleagues for a kid's party here in San Francisco, or hiring him for working your corporate event.